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Tactical Shotgun & Rifle Accessories for home, business & vehicle defense

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are responsible to ensure the safety and security of yourself, loved ones and country. Defense is a subject most put aside. We live in a dangerous world and monsters do exist. We come together to give the tools to enhance your defensive capabilities to provide that wall of safety. Welcome to OOber Tactical.

OOber Tactical's top tier firearm accessories are extensively tested to give you, the defender every tool to safe guard your life, the lives of others and your country!

Our client base is military, law enforcement, security professionals, avid hunters, home defenders and sportsmen. 

We salute them. 

Our flagship product line is the Praetorian Shotgun Side Saddle Ammunition Carriers. They are the only  VELCRO® shotgun detachable magazines of their kind in the world. Built to hold and retain 2, 6, 7 and 8 - 12 gauge and 20 gauge shot-shells. They are designed and built through a proprietary process of element heat bonding to our exclusive core forming a firm and flexible frame for great retention with ease of operator extraction allowing simple technique for quick reloads. 

Extensively tested, they are far superior to metal alloy, polymer and other Nylon based carriers. No damaging hardware, binding screws, lack of shell retention, disengaging target to reload.

 The OOber Tactical Speed Adjust two-point sling built on the knowledge base from Elite Special Forces. It is the toughest and best ease of use sling on the market. Its designed for easy hands free carry weapon close and secure to the body. A quick release cam allows fast weapons free to engage in threats or hunting game.

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