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One Man Army

Intel regarding weapon applications in a "Shit Hitting the Fan" scenario.

A Gun Show Story

Tactical pump shotgun vs AR15 assault rifle

The AR-15 Platform Guy

At a recent gun show, a guy came to my table and looked at my tactical load-out vest and Winchester 1300 Defender Pump Shotgun on display. 

The large, burly man quipped, “So you like the shotgun, eh?”

I replied, “Yes sir, I do.”

The Challenge

He had a simultaneous look of pleasure and displeasure on his weathered face and tired eyes.  I took an unnoticeable deep, slow breath and rolled my eyes under my eyelids so as to remain stealth to the fact that I was preparing for a lecture.  He went on to impart his “wisdom” and stated, “Well the problem with shotguns is they have limited range and limited ammo capacity compared to my AR platform.” Yes, he was most certainly snide about it! 

The Question

I decided to play along.  I have a good sense of humor, and I am a friendly guy at heart.  No need to challenge everyone, I say! 

I responded, “You really think so?” 

He popped out a “Yep” followed by a puff of his lips hidden behind a forest of a beard. 


I started in with the usual question anyone knowledgeable in firearms would ask, and the usual person knowledgeable in firearms would know... Like, “how many and how fast can you fire projectiles down range with your AR?”

He got proud on this one... “I can fire all 30 rounds in a mag in just a few seconds.”

Remaining respectful, yet a little smug myself and with a much larger grin than I had in the previous 5 minutes, I responded “I can shoot 72 rounds in about 2 to 3 seconds out of my pump shotgun.” 

The Big News Drop

Astonished and a bit taken a back, the old guy said “What... how so?” 

I explained to him that one can shoot 8 shot shells of 9-round buckshot out of my Winchester 1300 Defender.  The rounds themselves are .33-caliber projectiles compared to .223. 

Getting a little irritated and competitive the man jabbed back that he can reload with a new mag and still go to town!

More than happy to share with the old guy I explained that with an OOber Tactical Praetorian Series Ammunition Carrier, I can slap on a card with another 56 projectiles of buckshot, or include in the line up slugs, and port load those babies into my tactical shotgun and keep the action going!  I then demonstrated the simple OOber Tactical fast reload technique!

A True Believer!

He bought six OOber Tactical Praetorian Side Saddle Carriers right then and there—mouth still gaping!  HA!

OOber Tactical is OOber-RADICAL in bringing to light the shotgun’s capabilities and making believers! 

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