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Tactical Shotgun & Rifle Accessories for home, business & vehicle defense

tactical combat defense shotgun with OOber Tactical accessories and Fenix light system

Why the Shotgun?

The Development of the Praetorian VI Shotgun Side Saddle

Why the shotgun?

It is perhaps one of the most misunderstood weapon system.

We choose the shotgun as a primary defense weapon, because simply it is the most devastating weapon. No one can argue that the shotgun is at the top for home defense. It is a versatile weapon from 0 to 150 yards making it effective in stopping threats in and outside the home.

One misperceived conception of the shotgun is the ability to carry enough ammunition. Perceptions of “high capacity” magazines tend to permeate into the minds of defense trainers as the go to response to dealing with multiple threats such as home invasions. 

Pump and semi auto shotguns typically run a tube magazine capable of holding 5 to 8 rounds of 2 ¾ inch shotshells leading to the belief that once your, out the shotgun is no better than a club. 

To mitigate this, shotgun accessory manufacturers have produced side saddle ammunition carriers. These are made of either plastics or aluminum that can be attached in various ways to the shotgun or worn on person. 

While many of these carriers look pretty tacti-cool on the shotgun, many shooters find it cumbersome or awkward to use them. Trainers have come up with various methods on what they believe works best for incalculable dynamic situations.  

Through our many years of experience, we have tried many side saddle products and training methods to see what works.

Our conclusions for polymer or aluminum carriers we found that they were static in that once attached that was all that you got, an extra 6 of 7 rounds on the side of the shotgun. Extracting shells was not easy. Either to tight or actually to loose depending on the ambient temperature causing ammunition drop out of the carrier when on the move or due to recoil. What also was disconcerting being the fact that many of these carriers required a mounting plate to be secured to the side of the receiver of the shotgun. This required also to replace the factory pins with binding screws. This caused many problems. To tight, it causes the receiver to bind on moving internal parts causing excessive wear. To loose, the plate will cause friction against the receiver causing damage. Even with Loctite eventually the screws back out with the recoil of the shotgun.

Then comes the elastic shotshell carriers. When testing, some performed alright, but had problems with retention when working the shotgun action and recoil. The elastic loop allows for easy and smooth shell extraction, but many of the entire carriers would fall off during shooting drills. We liked the idea of the non-invasive VELCRO® Hook and Loop design but the carriers sometimes would not adhere entirely onto the Loop. We found that the carriers are typically elastic sewn onto a Nylon fabric base which is fine until you add the shotshells into them. The shells would make a wave rolls into the carrier causing only the high points to engage the VELCRO® base. 

To solve this problem, we set out to design and produce the OOber Tactical Praetorian VI shotshell carrier that has a proprietary core that would allow firm engagement of the carrier to the VELCRO® base allowing full retention. Using this system not only allowed excellent retention but allowed the operator to carry multiple carriers to be easily rip and grip on person and on the shotgun. 

Carriers close to the workspace allows fast reloads making the shotgun an extreme force multiplier for multiple threat scenarios. The ease of use allows the operator to keep the shotgun engaged on target without having to dislodge from the shoulder to reload. To see this check our demonstration videos on the OOber Tactical Praetorian VI Shotgun Side Saddle Ammunition Carrier.

Defense is your responsibility

When a situation arises that you are called upon to defend life and liberty, you are the asset to your loved ones and country. Do not be a liability. Seek training, practice often and have OOber Tactical supplement your defensive needs.