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OOber Tactical Praetorian Reviews


Unlike many shell carriers, this attaches using (industrial strength) Velcro that does not require replacing factory pins with screws through the trigger assembly, which is known to be a cause of malfunctions. Using Velcro completely bypasses that issue since it doesn't replace the pins, while giving the additional advantage that multiple loaded shell carriers can be attached to a vest and swapped out easily. So instead of burdening the operator with constantly reloading the chamber, magazine tube, and shell carrier, most work can focus on just the chamber and magazine tube. Also, the shells are held in place by tight elastic, not the split-open hard-plastic slots that tend to drop shells when moving around. This shell carrier is similar to other Velcro based ones, with the exception that it carries 7 shells instead of a max of 6, and also instead of being floppy nylon, the nylon base is attached to stiff rubber that doesn't flop around.


Before adhering the sticky Velcro base to the side of the shotgun, remember to make cut-outs to the Velcro that allow you to access the trigger-assembly pins for disassembly and maintenance. Don't block those off.


This is easily the best velcro shell carrier I have tried. Worth the price.