We provide free shipping for online sales.

Products generally shipped within 24 hours of order with the exception of weekends, holidays, custom orders and bulk orders.  Custom and bulk orders typically shipped within 48 to 72 hours, buyer will be notified if extension of time is needed to fulfill order.  Standard and custom orders use First Class shipping with tracking.  Bulk orders shipped Priority Mail.  


30 day return policy on all products. Custormer pays return shipping. Contact us on the home page for instructions. After 30 days warranties apply.


Warranties:  OOBER TACTICAL stands behind its products 100%.  We will replace or repair upon product return, free of charge any of our products for one year.  

Warranty exclusions:  To our determination is unusual, neglect, purposeful and/or willful destruction of product nullifies any warranty or return.  


OOBER TACTICAL firearm slings to be made of first-class materials and therefore provides a lifetime warranty against any defects in material and workmanship.

Excluded from warranty coverage is any damage to the exterior deemed reasonable wear and tear such as scratches and/or fading of color. In addition, the warranty does not apply to damage caused by abnormal or unreasonable use of any of the components. 

This warranty is in place of all other warranties, including warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and warranty of merchantability and excludes any liability for incidental or consequential damages.


If your OOBER TACTICAL firearm sling product has a manufacturer’s defect covered by our warranty, we will either repair or replace it, at our option, without charge.

Most damaged OOBER TACTICAL firearm sling products not covered by the warranty can still be repaired. If repair costs and handling charges apply, you will be notified prior to any service. All warranty repairs or replacements are at the sole discretion of the OOBER TACTICAL repair shop and we reserve the right to refuse a request.