TAC-6 OOber Tactical Shotgun Side Saddle


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Hand built in the USA.

Master craftmenship.

Proprietary design.

Innovative flexible and firm core for shotshell maximum retention.

Made for hard core operator use.

Law Enforcement


Security and defense

Hunting and Sport

Multiple cards can be employed for extreme force multiplier.

Works in and on most tactical/hunting vests.

TAC-6 is the apex of shotshell cards.

It is oober cool!

Free shipping in the U.S.

Each card comes with a 7"x2" Genuine Industrial Strength VELCRO® Adhesive Loop. UV and Water resistant.

TAC-6 holds 6 and retains 12, 20, 16 gauge shotshells.

TAC-6 OOber Quick Adjust 2 Point Sling


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TAC-6 Two point fast cinch and release sling for:

Tactical Shotguns and Rifles.

Best built firearm accessories for the most extreme use.

  • Made of Mil Spec 17337 1" polyester webbing.
  • Far superior to any Nylon or cotton webbing.
  • Maximum resistance to UV, Chlorine, Abrasion, Water, Oil, Acid and Mildew.
  • Steel hardware only. No plastic.
  • No sew design. Gun steel Chicago screws for maximum durability and quick hardware change outs.
  • Stipled rubber (removable) pad for shoulder retention of American and African carries.
  • Quick release steel cam for rapid adjustments to snug secure weapon to the operator for hands free and quick release for weapons free.
  • Expands from 38" to over 55".
  • Proprietary design and master built by hand.
  • Secure to firearm attach points, plate systems or use your preferred hardware.
  • QuadraCamo color.
  • Other colors coming soon!
  • 1" H&K clips or quick release sling swivels available in hardware section below.
  • OOber tactical sling system.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Incl.

Marine Flare Shotshell Carrier


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TAC-6 Marine Flare Shell Carrier is a custom proprietary handmade carrier for marine and outdoor sport uses.  This design is perfect for retaining up to six additional 12 gauge-25mm safety signal gun flares for marine, search and rescue etc. 

Hold additional flares/items with Industrial Strength VELCRO® hook and loop.  

Water resistant and extremely strong adhesive hold will attach on many different types of surfaces for immediate and readily access to items. 

Carriers side is VELCRO® hook and can attach to safety/floatation vests with VELCRO® loop attach points.

TAC-6 heavy duty polyester retains many different types of items from 15mm to 25.2 mm in diameter.

Includes one 7"x2" 17.78cm x 5.08cm Industrial Strengh VELCRO® adhesive loop.