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OOber Tactical Xtreme Shotgun Shell Carriers

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About Us

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We are craftsmen

We are a small exclusive manufacturing business. 

We build and market proprietary OOber Tactical shotgun and rifle accessories. 

Through years of trial and innovation, we designed and built the only  VELCRO® shotgun sidesaddle carrier of its kind in the world. 

Our OOber Tactical Speed Adjust two-point sling built on the knowledge base from Elite Special Forces. It is the toughest and best ease of use sling on the market. 

Our client base is top-tier military, law enforcement, security professionals, avid hunters and sportsmen. 

We salute them.

TAC-6 shotgun side saddles on tactical vest

The Products

Hand built proprietary shotgun sidesaddle carriers and firearm slings.

Top tier artisanship backed with exclusive guarantees and warranties!

At TAC-6, we got your six!

Only through tac-6.com https secured and McAfee verified website can you as a client obtain OOber Tactical products.

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American made

Built in America


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