Modular Options

The base chassis and platform can fulfil any one of these roles and more:

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Exceeding Expectations

Other Applications

Whilst the TAC-6 was designed and engineered for military purposes, the modular platform does lend itself to other applications where reliability, flexibility, strength and carrying capacity are required. Currently in production and development is a bespoke, luxury game viewing vehicle that makes use of the high GVM advantages to create a comprehensively outfitted vehicle like no other. A fully electric drivetrain is also available through a strategic partner that builds electric Land Cruisers for the mining sector.

Customization and accessory options that have become popular with Land Cruiser 79 owners worldwide are fully compatible with the TAC-6 platform. Being a modular platform that can be customized to any customer requirement, the TAC-6 would equally make for the ultimate hunting, overlanding, or farming vehicle.

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